Question by lillibridgem: what is a 1944 silver quarter worth.?

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Answer by SmartGuy LV
25 cents

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7 Responses to “What is a 1944 Silver Quarter Worth”
  1. pootfart3 says:

    I’ll give you 14 cents and a weeks supply of bubblegum for sure……..

  2. moxacaine says:

    Check Ebay’s completed auctions. But from the 30 seconds of browsing i just did it looks like its around $5-$15.

  3. Brett S says:

    Depends on the place of mint and the condition of the coin. As a circulated quarter it would retail for between 2 and 5 dollars.

  4. ~!*.SnoopPuppyLuv.*!~ says:

    Is it in mint quality?If not then not very much,about $1,if it’s in mint quality about $5-$20.If your lucky even more,I have one too but it’s getting black.=[

    Good Luck!=D

  5. reball46 says:

    Any coin (dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar) made before 1965 is made of silver. the value is minimum 10x the face value. as the price of silver rises they are worth more. in 1965 the coins were made of a “clad” alloy. Look at the side of the coin, there is a copper center in the middle. your 1944 coin does not have this. your coins value is determined by condition, and rareity, it is also determined by the price of silver. look it up in a coin magazine at the grocery store.

  6. kstoker1 says:

    Depends on the condition. If mint, would be worth more to a collector. Try the link below – it will give you some estimates. It is for the Professional Coin Grading Service.

  7. Taiping says:

    If in normal circulated grade it is worth 7 to 8 times face value. If in mint state it is worth more. it would be best to hold onto it for silver is on the rise.